Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comments :O


I've been looking through my Facebook and Instagram, like always (heheh xD) and I noticed that there is something wrong with the comments at some of the pictures I saw. 

For instance,
 a girl uploaded a photo and wrote some description about it that makes everyone freak out and hate her. And the comments were like..

"ee, geli aku tengok"
"tolonglah, tak sedar diri punya perempuan"
"gedik nak mampus"

Hm, and what about the people who give harsh comments at a picture and the others would be like.. 

"jangan sedih, dia tu jealous je"
"ala dia jealous je. Maklum la, muka tak setaraf akak kann"

I mean, it's kind of good to give out your opinion but there are certain times where it's better to just keep it to yourself. Because you are going to talk bad about the others and isn't it a sin?

So, yeah xD

masa akhirat nanti, pahala orang yang suka mengutuk akan pergi ke orang yang dikutuk.

Sorry, I think there is a hadith about it but I forgot xD heh

Sharing is caring, let's change together :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

At World's End?


Today on Facebook, I've been reading certain posts about the temperature drop in Malaysia, the news about Indonesia and even recent events in Thailand and Mesir. I don't know why, but to be honest, I'm quite worried.

Most of the people who talked about it usually relate it to the Hereafter, in other words, Akhirat xD hm, well it's quite true that each day, we're getting closer and closer to that day. The day of Judgement. And it's obvious. We can see it everywhere. 

It's not only about the temperature, it's also about how the social acts. Most of us are getting further from Allah. We're starting to be more like how the previous generations were. Zaman Jahiliah. I'm worried, not only to them, but also about myself.

Am I good enough? Will I have enough deeds to help me throughout the way? Where will I end up? 

These questions would just bother my mind, somehow. But hey, there is a reason why Allah still wants you alive here. To always pray and seek for His forgiveness. Allah is indeed the most Forgiving.

So dear self and dear readers ( if I have one xD ), if you plan to change, change now. Not to be worse, but to be a better person. Not to please the people around you, but to please Allah who created you. 

Allah loves those who seek for forgiveness to Him.

Insya-Allah, Jannah awaits you :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Happy :)


So alot of my friends now are gone to their college via the SPC program, and I'm still here at home xD It's quite fun to hear them enjoying their college life even before the SPM results come out. As for me, I like to just enjoy my holidays but honestly, I'm a little jealous about it. Hm..

But I keep on reminding myself.

"Minn, rezeki orang lain-lain. Semuanya Allah dah aturkan yang terbaik untuk kita. Mungkin hari ni kita bersedih, tapi Insya-Allah hari kemudian pasti kita akan gembira"

And that is Allah's promise.

"Maka sesungguhnya bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan. Sesungguhnya bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan"

(Al-Syarh : Ayat 5 - 6)

So never ever ever stop praying :)