Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comments :O


I've been looking through my Facebook and Instagram, like always (heheh xD) and I noticed that there is something wrong with the comments at some of the pictures I saw. 

For instance,
 a girl uploaded a photo and wrote some description about it that makes everyone freak out and hate her. And the comments were like..

"ee, geli aku tengok"
"tolonglah, tak sedar diri punya perempuan"
"gedik nak mampus"

Hm, and what about the people who give harsh comments at a picture and the others would be like.. 

"jangan sedih, dia tu jealous je"
"ala dia jealous je. Maklum la, muka tak setaraf akak kann"

I mean, it's kind of good to give out your opinion but there are certain times where it's better to just keep it to yourself. Because you are going to talk bad about the others and isn't it a sin?

So, yeah xD

masa akhirat nanti, pahala orang yang suka mengutuk akan pergi ke orang yang dikutuk.

Sorry, I think there is a hadith about it but I forgot xD heh

Sharing is caring, let's change together :)

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